Hours Update

Village Green shopping Centre will be open under modified hours of operation as follows: (Last Updated July 12, 2020)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 10AM-5PM

Thursday & Friday 10AM-7PM

Sunday and most holidays 11AM-5PM

Individual stores may still be operating under their own modified hours and we recommend that you visit our DIRECTORY or contact retailers directly.

Store contact information is also included in their Store Directory page.

Masks: In accordance with the Provincial health orders released November 19, 2020, masks will now be required throughout the shopping centre. For information on the latest province-wide restrictions, please visit HERE.

As stores start to reopen over the coming weeks we want to take this time to highlight some of the precautions and protocols we are continuing to undertake in an effort to keep shoppers and retailers safe:

Updated hours of operation (Last Updated July 12, 2020)
Monday to Wednesday 10AM to 5PM
Thursday and Friday 10AM to 7PM
Weekends and holidays 11AM to 5PM

*Individual stores may still be operating under their own modified hours and we recommend that you visit our Store Directory or contact retailers directly.

Physical distancing:
In following Provincial guidelines, we ask that you keep a 2-meter (6 ft) distance throughout the shopping centre at all times. This includes in your favourite store, in our Food Court and in our washroom facilities. Many of our stores have floor decals and there are several reminders posted throughout the centre.

Unfortunately, line-ups can not be avoided during this time. Likely, there will be line-ups at food vendors as well as other retailers. Please look for floor markers, stanchions and other signage to guide you and please remember to be kind and patient.

Our Food Court and Main Entrance provide safe ‘one-way entry’ doors into the Centre and ‘one-way exit” doors from the Centre – without customers crossing paths. Signage is clearly posted and should help us to maintain responsible traffic flow.

Traffic flow:
Arrows on the floor guiding you throughout the Centre will help us to maintain appropriate physical distances, especially during busy times.

Food Court:
We have limited the number of usable tables in our Food Court. Tables that are closed are clearly marked and do not have chairs. This will help to ensure physical distancing is achievable in the Food Court. We also ask that patrons maintain physical distancing practices when waiting in line.

Guest Services and Village Green Shopping Centre gift cards:
Guest Services will remain closed at this time and as such we are not able to provide Village Green Shopping Centre gift cards. We apologize for any inconveniences and hope to have this service running again soon.

We continue to implement elevated cleaning protocols throughout the entire centre and have dedicated PPE disposal bins marked for your convenience.

Lastly, to protect yourself and others, we ask that anyone who is feeling unwell to please refrain from visiting us. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to your return visit!